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Every year the International Sailing Regatta takes place at this picturesque place. The lake water area is painted with sails of all colors. The planned construction of a yacht club will allow tourists to take part in regular Russian and international regattas on Lake Onega. The reception and accommodation of yachts and their crews are provided. The Onega Regatta attracts yachts of well known Russian and foreign clubs to Karelia with its particular complexity and beauty. They dont always manage to win the prize but the memories about the regatta will stay with them forever.

A boating station for fishing, sailing boats, jet skiing, parasailing and water skiing will be built for the guests of the complex. The station will provide all the necessary equipment for rent. A bath on stilts, a helipad, a sports ground and a children's club guarantee that the guests of Onego Holiday have a wonderful time and get a good rest enjoying the beauties of fabulous Karelia.



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