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Rafting has become popular in Russia long time ago. And it is no accident, because there are all the necessary premises for its development in our country: numerous mountain rivers of different categories of difficulty and no fewer supporters of extremal sports longing to check the strength of these rivers and to test themselves. Rafting means floating down a rough river (usually in a group), often involving a powerful adrenaline injection.

Sometimes rafting means any event where rafts are used as boats. For example, fishing from aboard the raft. Today rafting is a popular sport in the western world. Rafting if held on rapid rivers in inflatable boats, made of thick latex, with 4-12 people aboard. Rafting requires a combination of physical energy, resourcefulness, a sense of direction, physical and psychological endurance. The only protection available to people in this confrontation with nature is life-jackets and helmets. Achieving the goal after a fight is over despite all the difficulties brings the greatest satisfaction. Rafting also involves enjoying the pristine nature while traveling by river.


We offer you the brief overview of places you can visit during a yacht trip on Lake Onega. History, wooden architecture, petroglyphs, archeology and simply beautiful places await you. You can moor in any place you like and swim, fish or arrange a picnic!

  • Kizhi Island is a unique memorial of wooden architecture in the open air. You can view civil buildings and places of worship here, including the famous Transfiguration Church and the Church of the Intercession.
  • Unitskaya Guba (Unitskaya gulf) is a picturesque canyon where archaeological excavations of primitive peoples camp take place.
  • Besov Nos (The Devil's Nose) is a unique memorial of monumental art of the second millennium BC including primitive peoples rock paintings, petroglyphs. You can see the former quarry (the remains of ancient Sami people, ancient instruments of labour and hunting dated to the middle of the 6th millennium BC) and the former concentration camp.
  • Murom Monastery was founded by a monk from ancient Rome Laser by name in 1350. It was completely destroyed after the revolution. It is recovering slowly and has two active churches.
  • Ivanovsky islands. You can see the remains of the Finnish fortifications of the 2nd World War.
  • South Deer Island. You can see the former quarries (the remains of ancient Sami people, ancient instruments of labour and hunting dated to the middle of the 6th millennium BC) and the former concentration camp.
  • Radkole Island. Here you can see a memorial of Sami peoples culture: primitive peoples camps, stone the compositions of round shape, idols made of a pine tree stump.


Karelia is one of the most picturesque and interesting regions of Russia where rapid cataracted rivers neighbour vast lakes, industrial enterprises adjoin stunning ancient temples, where you can find opportunities for cognitive and qualitative recreation at any season. At the time of the reign of Peter the 1st a resort called Marcial Waters was built, later White Springs was founded in the forest area of the capital of the republic. Sightseeing tours from Kizhi to Balaam, from Marcial Waters to Kivach Waterfalls and Kondopoga (and others) have been operating and have become really popular.

Equine tourism

What can be more fascinating than riding a horse or travelling in a carriage?! The time of parents with kids is organized by experienced tourism instructors. They will help you not just to relax and gain strength, but also to make a fabulous discovery and make your days brighter, perceiving the world and yourself. Joyful competitions where you have to be clever and skillful will be held under their supervision. It is not necessary for you to be a skilled horse rider to take this riding trip. After having spent time with a horse everyone gets an indelible sense of joy and happiness and is able to appreciate an animal friend.

Cycle touring

Bicycle tourism is one of the most environmentally friendly and healthy kinds of tourism. During these tours well show you the Karelia youve never seen before and impossible to see from the window of a bus or car. A kaleidoscope of lakes, romantic quiet roads and villages remote from main highways. Regardless of whether it is a cycling tour for a weekend or for several days, in most cases travel companies provide the opportunity to travel light handed with comfort. Your baggage is taken by an escorting car or is transported from camp to camp. Besides, the services of mechanics and guides, hotel reservations and all the necessary camping equipment is provided.



Plenty of rivers and lakes, numerous historical sights make Karelia one of the centres of fishing tourism. If you have fished in Karelia once, youll always be back again, because fishing in Karelia is really captivating. It is not necessary for you to bring the complete set of fishing accessories and equipment to fish in Karelia, here youll be provided with everything you need.


An American decided to try traditional snow skis on water as an experiment. He fit two broad pine boards up with a binding. In two years two more Americans had an idea of water skis. The 3 pairs of skis invented were alike: all of them were made of specially impregnated pine and had rubber bindings. Later water-skiing became a competitive sport. In the summer of 1939 the first national water skiing competition took place in Jones Beach (Long Island, New York). Nowadays water skiing is extremely popular. The Olympic Committee of Greece even recommended including water skiing into the program of the Olympic Games in Athens.

Jet skiing

Speed, the simplicity of operating, the convenience of transportation makes a jet ski an ideal sport. A jet ski can enrich and diversify your time, moreover every year plenty of new models are produced, some of which are really original and interesting.

ATV Tours

Only half a year ago we discovered what everyone who prefers active leisure aspires to. Now we know and declare proudly: YES, now we have this IDEAL MEANS OF ACTIVE LEISURE! And we are intending to share this knowledge with you! Amazing, stunning, wild, unforgettable! Thank God the language can convey the emotions that you experience riding an ATV! You are overwhelmed with a unique feeling of freedom! You are light, maneuverable and can go anywhere! Anxiety, fear and excitement overwhelm you, you cant breathe smoothly just as if you were not riding an ATV, but running. You're tense and completely focused on the pleasure of managing a powerful all-terrain vehicle. A hill, a turn, a well, a turn again: at such moments your senses are sharpened to the limit and you enjoy your life at 100%! A four-wheel-drive ATV has truly unlimited opportunities to organize your outdoor activities. According to your taste it can be an aggressive and uncompromising all-terrain vehicle or the opposite - an obedient and safe transport for peaceful riding in the wood. At any season and any weather an ATV can bring you joy regardless of any specific training!

Corporate Events

This is first of all useful. A lot of words have been said about such an important and necessary part of corporate culture as corporate parties. A lot of directors agree that well-organized corporate holidays have a very positive impact on creating a healthy team atmosphere and increase efficiency of the staff. You get a good party when it has been organized beforehand. Choosing a proper place for your corporate event and creating an exciting and original entertainment program plays an important part in arranging a successful party. Please take into consideration a wide variety of extra services that help make your holidays complete.


We can arrange unforgettable picnics at a clearing in the wood, on a lake shore or at any picturesque place in Karelia in the best traditions of the Expedition. We will set the table with the northern or hiking delicacies for you only. Our creative team materializes your idea of a picnic making one event not look like another. You can invite as many guests as you wish. The more is the funnier. We can arrange corporate picnics. The best picnics in Karelia are held in the form of an exciting all day long outdoor celebration. We offer different programs of corporate outdoor events.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing arose from alpinism. It is a sport, art, life style and struggle. First of all it implies trainings and competitions at pre-arranged routes of small extent (up to several tens of metres). Rock climbing doesnt aim at climbing to the top. It is a relatively safe sport compared to alpinism.

Paintball is an outdoor team sports game (sometimes indoor). To play paintball remote markers are used - special air guns, shooting balls with paint. Thats why the game is called paintball. When a ball has hit a paintballer a brightly coloured stain is left. The speed of a ball can reach 100 m/s, that is why wearing a protective mask is obligatory for every player. Modern paintball is a thrilling battle and a great way to rest emotionally. The game allows you to experience unique sensations and to reveal your leadership qualities maximally. The main emotional point of the game is defined by psychologists as returning to your childhood in its best meaning (remember games called War or Indians?). Grown-ups remove the accumulated stress and try to vary the routine of everyday life through the game. Informal cooperation of players is also very important. It helps to create the team spirit. That is why paintball has become a popular kind of corporate events. Many western companies (for example, Ford, IBM, Mitsubishi) use paintball to select working groups, to reveal the ability of employees to make decisions and to rule people, to watch the way they act in stressful situations etc. No special training is required to play. Age and job benefits have no influence on the victory. Although its been proved that putting a husband and his wife or a secretary and her boss into different teams makes the game more exciting. There are many different schemes of the game, which allows everyone to feel themselves a soldier of Special Forces or a partisan, a private or a General. Since 1996 paintball has been recognized as a sport, recommended the develop (Resolution of the Russian Federation State Committee for Tourism and Sport # 2/3-1 on June 9, 1996, and the order of the Civil Code for Tourism and Sport # 222 of June 26, 1996.)


Karelia is one of the most attractive places in Russia to arrange hunting for both professionals and beginners. Unique nature, wealthy wildlife accompanied with well arranged work of hunting entities of the republic give the unlimited opportunities of organizing hunting you will never forget.


Fishing on Lake Onega (except for coastal unprofessional fishing) has a pronounced sea character. A speed sea boat with a powerful engine, navigation equipment, echo sounder and special fishing equipment are obligatory for your safety in the open lake and make your fishing successful. You can have a good rest, learn to fish palia, whitefish, grayling, pike, walleye, perch, burbot. We also provide you with advice on the fallowing purchase of equipment for exclusive fishing. Youll feel the excitement of a real fisherman, described by Ernest Hemingway.


Kite is a towing paraglider, used as a vehicle for towing using wind power. When towing on snow or ice any means of sliding can be applied: different kinds of skis, a snowboard and others. When towing on water a special board similar to a surfboard, a wakeboard or other means of transportation on water are used. Kite develops a speed exceeding the wind speed more than twice. You can achieve the speed of 60-70 km/h. When kiting you can do jump-flights or go at different angles to the wind, including a sharp one (about 40 degrees between the wind direction and the direction of your motion). Kites are relatively cheap and almost indestructible. Training doesnt require specially equipped areas. Compact equipment does not require special transport. A kite has much more capabilities than a sailing ship. Long suspension lines (30-50m) allow you to keep the kite higher above the surface than a windsurfing sail when the wind is strong and flat. That means that a kites traction is higher (when surfaces are equal). Besides, you can increase a kites traction twisting it in the air. Experienced kiters make impressive leaps even when the surface is flat. Although it is more dangerous than surfing, but you can jump over cracks, ridges and objects lying on the ice.



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